Meet the Team. Come and join us.

Below you can see the people who are already working on One Decision but we'd love you to get involved too. Here's some suggestions:

Tim Stephenson Project Lead

Tim has been involved with various BPM for 10 years as a practitioner, product owner and contributor to a number of standards. And with Java even longer. Tim is currently at the leading edge of the digital transformation agenda and sees decision management as the next logical step in that process.

Tijs Rademakers

Tijs is the workflow team lead at Alfresco. He's been involved in Java, BPM and enterprise integration projects for more than 10 years. Tijs is passionate about open source BPM and integration. He's the author of the Activiti in Action and Open source ESBs in Action Manning books

Joram Barrez

Joram is a software craftsman and co-founder of the Activiti project ( at Alfresco. Before starting Activiti, he was part of the jBPM team at JBoss (Red Hat) and started his career as a technical BPM consultant. He loves tinkering with new technologies and has a keen interest in process analytics and statistics.

Bastian Steinert

Bastian is a product manager for decision management at Signavio. He is passionate about crafting easy-to-use software products. As a member of the OMG, he contributes to the ongoing efforts of improving the DMN standard. Bastian is convinced that decision management products will simplify the work life of many people in various disciplines.

Simon Ringuette

Simon is the Principal Architect of Trisotech, a company that has been involved in the BPM market for over a decade. He has actively contributed to the BPMN 2.0, BPSim , CMMN 1.0 and XPDL 2.2 standards in the Business Process Management (BPM) domain. Trisotech offers solutions to help non-technical business people to participate in the Digital Enterprise and succeed in their BPM efforts. Trisotech is also the creator a free online resource providing access to BPM, Change Management, Process Improvement, Lean and Six Sigma resources.